I love it when people get to do work where they can quickly receive good feedback and use it towards a better and more positive impact. That’s what I’d like in my next job.

Hoping to find a company and a job

But my current job is looking for work. It’s basically full-time, but it’s a job with little or no good feedback, and a great deal of disconnect between day-to-day activity and positive results.

Looking for work certainly can be good practice in being persistant, thinking positively in the absence of encouragement, and handling actual discouragement with aplomb. But while I’ve been practicing all of these good habits, I’ve felt myself almost constantly drifting into a complaint along the lines of a little kid on a road trip moaning are we there, yet!!??

When I’d actually do that as a kid, there always were some adults who’d just tell me to shut it. But others, more sympathetic (or, possibly, empathetic) would remind me to look out for interesting things on the journey—and when none could be found in that moment, to think ahead and imagine the destination.

You’re everything I’ve been looking for

I just was having a bout of the are we there yets, and started trying to picture myself at a desk, working on a cool project, making a positive impact. And while I could imagine that in the abstract, I realized that a bunch of my friends had just themselves gone from where I was, more or less, to that very destination to which I hoped I’d soon arrive.

So I asked in the Moz Alumni Slack group: Anyone recently hired, could you post a picture of yourself at your desk or in your office? And I got these great pictures, which helped me feel excited to keep going towards a job-job, and not feel too down about the frustrations inherent in the looking for work is a job-lifestyle:





Now that I found a company and job

If you know me, then you’ll have noticed that I included a picture of myself (if you don’t know me, hey—that’s a photo of me, above left, bottom row!). I’ve included that photo because, while I was working on this post, I got and accepted an offer, and just started a new job-job!

The changeover is just beginning, but there’s suddenly a there, there, in my work life. And I’ve entered a scene, like what I saw in the photos of my friends at their desks, where I’m working on things where I think I can make a positive contribution.

About Jay Fienberg

Jay Fienberg is a Seattle-based UX / interaction designer and information architect. He was Senior UX Architect at Moz, and currently (Fall 2016) is the Principle UX Designer at ExtraHop. For more info, please visit Jay's UX portfolio.